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Thread: Pro or Slim?

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    Pro or Slim?

    Hey so I have decided to get a PS4 as I think there are enough exclusives to get my interest. The question is though, do I get a Pro or Slim?

    It's going to be 150 difference. I have a 144hz 1080p monitor that I'm using for my PC and have no thoughts of upgrading yet. Only when they have a high hz monitor for 4k and I think that will be a while still.

    I will be using an external DAC+AMP as I want to use my HD650 Sennheiser headphones.

    Also will the slim accept a USB DAC as it does not have an optical connection?

    I'm also not sure how much I'm going to use the PS4 too, I think I'd play it more than my previous console though.

    I had a PS3 before which I mostly just bought for TLOU and played a few more exclusives before it got buried somewhere for 6 months before I decided to sell it.

    I've run a bit dry on what's on PC at the moment and want something fresh to game on. That's why I'm giving the PS4 a go now.

    What do you guys think?

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    Unless you are planning on getting a 4K TV, there really is no point. The advantage of the PS4 Pro is to upscale games and play games in 4K. That's why it's more powerful. As for the refresh rate, even if you bought a high refresh rate 4K TV when available, you won't see any difference in smoothness. The PS4 Pro can only do 60fps at max at 1080p (if the game is supported for it). A game that is developed in 4K can only do 30fps. So really, you don't need more than a 60Hz TV. Hell, I have 120Hz HDTV and I had to drop the refresh rate to 30Hz because it was messing up my games. The TV was trying to output a higher refresh rate than the console was inputing, and it threw everything about the video off. PC games vs console games work completely different. Where you can have a graphics card and a rig to support higher Hz monitors (since PC gamers build for raw power), consoles it doesn't matter. Consoles are built for the masses and designed around the TVs that are common out in the market. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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