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Thread: hi and PS4 wont read games or perform updates

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    Lightbulb hi and PS4 wont read games or perform updates

    Hi folks
    Hope someone can help. 1st time on here so apologies for any noobiness.
    I bought a faulty PS4 off ebay which wouldnt power on. I fixed the PSU and it turned on fine but it wouldnt recognise any kind of disc so I took the drive apart, cleaned the lens and now it plays dvd's but throws up error ce 35888 2 when I put a game disc in. The ebay seler is adamant it is the original drive tho.
    Also it wont perform any updates from wifi or usb. Any attempt to do so gives error e ffffffb or ce 358882 again.
    I can get into safe mode but none of update options except restart or change resolution work. Ive tried updating and rebuilding the databsae with 4.07 update and full system files with no luck.
    It wont even let me use the internet or psn store as it wants to perform the doomed update 1st so at the moment I have a nice DVD player.
    Can anyone help - please!!!


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    Welcome aboard. No worries about the noobiness. We're here to help the best we can

    I have a couple questions. When you bought it on eBay, did you know it was a faulty console? Did the seller do any repairs themselves?

    I looked up your error code. Here's the YouTube link. May help you out or you can make sense of it. If the seller repaired it themselves, they may not have put the right parts in, leading to an error message. I know these things are very finicky when it comes to putting in the correct parts, and you really need to do your homework. Even the PSU you put in, may not be the correct part number, also leading to errors. Though if the seller replaced the drive, but not the correct board, it'll lead to that error. See link above the youtube link. Also quoted a guy for you

    I was able to replace the blu-ray drive with a replacement unit although I had to swap the small circuit board(the board either has BDP-010 or BDP-020) using the board from the defective unit worked perfectly.No more error code
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