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    Sony to bring original PS4 programming?

    I can honestly say that I don't want this. Though I'm not surprised because it's obviously a reaction to the Xbox One and the Halo TV show but no just no. You guys are not Netflix. Anyway, it's just a rumor and as always until Sony say's something all we can do is speculate. But just no.

    Sony to make Original Programming for PS4?

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    Back on the PS4!

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    Yeah I have to agree. I hope they don't go forward with this. Let Xbox have it's thing. Don't try to copy the competition. Stand apart! Sony said the PS4 is "4thegamers", make it so
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    It's gonna happen, Sony is one of the world's leading production studios and will be mad not 2 use that leverage in the face of Xbox's plans. Plus they already said plans where on the way back at e3.

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    I can see this happening since everyone else is jumping on board for it: Amazon, Netflix, etc. If it's just shows unrelated to the games, that's fine. Go ahead. When it came to shows that benefited/complimented the game, there's just Pokemon, the 90s Nintendo Power Hour/Mario Super Show, Sonic, and YuGiOh shows.

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    Like dualshocked said, it's going to happen. There will be varying degrees of success, but they'll do it. If they keep the shows featured to 15 minutes at a time, they will probably turn up more good shows than clumps.



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