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    My audio comes in and out, screen is black, and white light flashes on screen.

    Well the second time I turned my PS4 on it powered up fine, but I can hear audio coming in and out and the screen stays black with a white flash on the tv screen once and a while. The light on top of the PS4 is white and isn't blinking or anything.

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    Have you tried another HDMI cable? How about the digital sound output? Since HDMI carries both Video and Audio signals and both yer audio and video are effected, I'm leaning towards it being a faulty hdmi cord... Though it could be the hdmi input on yer tv... Check by just plugging HDMI into another input...
    i have had three projectors(First two were Panasonic Viera and my current Sony VPL-VW1000ES that was a gift from jack White... Came with a PC loaded with 4k source material... like an open window in Italy and clips of movies still in their 4k cinematic format. The ps4 is amazing on this thing btw!) my first two projectors were struck by lightning and my HDMI ports were ruined... I've taken every precaution with the VERY EXPENSIVE Sony, but there is a slim chance it could still happen... Finally, it could be the HDMI out on yer PS4... More than likely it is yer HDMI cable... First, switch inputs since its an easy step and can help eliminate yer tv as the problem. If It does the same thing with a new cord in a different port, and If it IS the PS4 out, than return it and I'm sure they can fix it up for ya!



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