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    Nov 2013
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    Where can I buy the playstation 4 camera

    Any ideas where I could get the camera as soon as possible

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    Senior Member Pickicool's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
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    PlayStation Camera not used much at the moment!

    I do not know why you tore buy quickly. Simplemet I'll tell you that this accessory is available wherever they sell the console.

    Also think the big stores like EB Games, Walt-Mart, Best Buy, Future Shop, etc. .. ...
    For now, it is useful for voice commands and connect to the console with the facial recognition.

    Over time, I think it will grow, but there is limited.

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    Master Member lindbergh's Avatar
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    May 2013
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    Look no further than Amazon. You could get one for $59.96 and free shipping. They're selling a bundle of PS4 camera, KillZone Shadow Fall, and a Dual Shock 4 for 179.88 bucks. Check out the product below:

    Oh, and the seller claims that you will save 3 cents. So you better hurry.

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    Nov 2013
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    Do you need lots of floor space for the camera



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