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    PS4 acting super weird???

    So I turned my PS4 on yesterday and it had started in safe mode saying that the PS4 was unable to start. I had to completely wipe it clean and reinstall the system software through a USB device. As soon as it was usable again, I put in the CoD WW2 disc. First it said that it had to download the whole game which is like 80gb or something, then it said it only needed to download 9gb but it was going to take 9 hours. The download happened very quickly, and once completed, I clicked on the game to start it. The dashboard refreshed and nothing happened. Clicked it again, same thing etc.

    So I went to downloads, and it said it hadn't downloaded any of it. I pressed for it to download again. Waited 9 more hours. Once the download was completed it said ready to install. I pressed start on the install, and the page just refreshed and nothing happened, much like the dashboard bit. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the whole game but my PS4 says CoD is not installed, however it also says I have 200gb of Apps when the only App I have installed is netflix lmao.

    Is my hard drive completely fried? If so, what perplexes me is how it managed a clean reinstall with absolutely no hiccups. The Playstation works completely fine, I can't fault it except for this.

    Thanks in advance for your help guys.

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    Update: I have downloaded and installed battlefield 1 and that worked fine. Only difference being that was a download purchase, and CoD is off disk. Surely this just makes it more confusing as the disk drive clearly works fine as it can recognise the CoD disk, and the hard drive clearly works fine because it downloaded all 90GB of Battlefield 1 without a hiccup, I'm playing the game now.




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