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    PS4 reset and change ID?

    I got FIFA18 and for those of you who dont know about but you can change your team name once to something you like. Once only though and your stuck with it!!

    A long story short I'm stuck with mine....and I hate it.

    Now, although extreme to some, I'm prepared to do it if it works.

    My question is, if I reset my PS4, wiping the hard drive and losing the progress of my games, and if I register with a NEW email add and NEW gamertag, even going so far as registering for a brand new year online as well............will I be able to reinstall FIFA as a brand new user, and be able to get the name change again?


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    There is an item in the catalogue which lets you change your team name.

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    Seems like a lot of work just because you don't like the name of a team in one game. I mean, wipe your PS4 and register a new PSN account and then put all that stuff back on and lose all game progress? Heck, I'd just stick with the crappy name I came up with. They come out with these games every year so you just have to deal for several months until the next one comes out. But you have to do you my friend Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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