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    Any tips to get better?

    I'm loving NBA 2k14, but I'm not the best player. I can do the basics pretty well, but if I get into any trouble, it's like I just can't deliver. If my opponent leaves me behind by 8 or more points, I never comeback. If my opponent's defense is good, I can't really shake it at all. Any general tips on how to be better overall at this game?

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    I do not know much about the game since I have not played it. But in past NBA 2K games, one had to make use of the play-call features built into the game as a means of success. If you are not doing this, I highly recommend it--both on offense and defense. Also, watch what other (better) players do and try to imitate it in future games.

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    Learn the dribble moves with the thumbstick (look it up on Youtube). It'll help you shake free if a big guy tries to chase you out all the way to the perimeter. You also gotta learn to pick and roll. Your teammate will set a screen and you can dribble towards the direction his back as facing and he will get in the way of your defender. After your teammate sets a pick (circle to call for a pick), he'll roll towards the basket and you hit him with a pass. Sometimes you'll have a clear lane to the basket instead. Sometimes he won't roll and hang back behind the three to get open (this is called a pick and pop). If you're on defense, try to control the Center or Power Forward since they can block shots at the rim. Anticipate if a guard is driving towards the lane and come over early to block their shot. I can give a lot more but those are the very basics.

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    My best advice is to just practice, against other people rather than the computer if possible. I find that I've become much better at the game over the course of this year being that I'm constantly playing against other people in my dorm.

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    İ think you should make practice as much as possible.You should learn and do attack variations like pick&roll. When you start to make attack variations,you can easily shoot basket.



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