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    A detailed look at EA Sports UFC

    The article linked below is a few weeks old but it is one of the most detailed looks at the EA Sports' new UFC game. It is basically an interview with the game's creative director, Brian Hayes where he explains a lot of questions regarding the game play, fighting styles, how realistic the fights are going to be etc.

    This interview has got me even more excited about the game, particularly with regards to how the cage assisted fighting style that fighters like Pettis sometime use will be incorporated in the game. Lets face it, if they somehow pull it off well enough, every second person will be trying to do the Showtime Kick.

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    Senior Member unwittyoneliner's Avatar
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    Very interesting stuff. It's good to know that at least some of the team is experienced with the Fight Night series, and he sounds enthusiastic. The body deformation and exertion thing sounds awesome. Being able to see a guy's face turn red from a rear naked choke is going to be nuts. I'm amped for this game.

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    Wow, I cannot believe how life-like the fighters actually look. The graphics are beautiful. I am heart broken that I may not ever get to play it though. I am thinking about getting a Playstation 3, because there are certain games that I would really like to play, but then I know that I will not be able to play them on the Playstation 4, and that is only if I am going to be able to afford the Playstation 4 in the first place, which I doubt that I will. That is one of the only things that I hate about the PS4 - is that it doesn't have backward comparability in that regard. It is really annoying and frustrating.

    But just after seeing the game play of this up and coming UFC game, I really want to play it Thanks for the news; I will stay tuned

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    Junior Member Thrash13's Avatar
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    If I get a PS4 in the next year or so, this will probably be the game that causes that. Most other games I enjoy can still be played on PS3, but this one isn't going to be released on current-gen systems. I'll hold off until early 2014 at least, but if this game keeps sounding as good as it already does, I'm sure I'll be getting a PS4 when it's released next spring.

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    I am really looking forward to this game, I have played the UFC game on PS 3 at a friends house, but now on the more powerful system and with better graphics I am sure it will blow me away. Just as dreek lass said, the graphics on this game look immaculate, I certainly cannot wait to get my hands on this game.



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