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Thread: Currently Playing

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    Jul 2014
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    Currently Playing

    It would be cool if there was another box on our profile under rep power that said Currently Playing and it showed what game we were playing. Like you open up a drop down menu and select what game you are playing so everyone can see what game youre currently playing
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    Back on the PS4!

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    Well, we do have the "What are you currently playing?" threads in the PS3 and PS4 sections. So there is that...
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    While I agree it would be cool it would be a lot of work for Oberon to add a large amount of PS4/3 games as a drop down list. I think the threads are just fine.

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    Senior Member Ridge's Avatar
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    May 2014
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    Some people add it to their signatures, you could always do that if you wanted too.
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    The Enforcer

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    Nice idea Ridge.

    However the suggestion by Wacko is'nt that bad,I mean we could have that in your forum profile field just like we have location and PSN ID but instead of a a drop down menu which would be crazy cause of the amount of games we could just leave it as a text box where you could input it yourself.It would be limited in characters though as we woud'nt want lines and lines of games.Maybe only enough for one line to type in a few games.
    I actually use that system on my clan forum.

    Still,for now let's go with Ridge's suggestion.
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    Senior Member FosterTXT's Avatar
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    That would be a very fun and cool feature to have on this site. It would also be cool if it showed how much progress that you've made in a particular game. I understand that there's a thread where you can say what game you are playing, but it would be better if you could see what a person is actually playing right under their avatar without having to go to that particular thread.



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