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    Cool New to ESO ps4 looking for guild and friends ☺

    Hi I use to play ESO on PC but we just bought the ps4 and I now play on that I'm a fallout fan and eso. My name is Sarah and I'm currently a female nord templar with the ebonheart pact named Saphiea (my daughters name lol except spilled Saphia, we took Sophia and Sapphire and combined them to name our daughter she's 2 in February 😍
    I play a little everyday around 9am or so (granted my toddler is behaving herself so i can play haha, kids come first) if anyone is interested in going on quest's. I'm Sawahgurl26 level 7 at the moment completed Bleakrock and now in Davons Watch

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    Hey Sarah. Welcome aboard. I unfortunately don't play either of those games but I'm sure others play. Do you play any other games or just Elder Scrolls and Fallout? We have subforums for game specific topics as well if you want to check those out. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net

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    Welcome to the forum Sarah/Sawahgurl
    You might be eligible for site trophies! >>click here<< and >>here<< for more info.

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    Hi Sarah,
    PSN ID: Lo-Zio-Ale | Multiplayer mode: ON | Time zone: GMT+1 | My PSN Profile



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