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    Just Saying Howdy

    New to the forums and wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

    I have been gaming online since the 90's but about 6 months ago I started my own Youtube channel. I have been searching the web for some friendly forums to find some people to game with and really liked what I saw here. I'd love to get a GTA V Cunning Stunts racing group together but also interested in ARK and any other multiplayer games. Not really into PVP shooting games more into open world style of gaming where you work together as a clan.

    Are these forums used that much anymore? Been reading some of the posts and the post dates are old. Just curious.

    Anyway I wanted to tell Titan the moderator on here. My girl and I just love your profile picture.
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    Welcome to the forum CowboysJJG.

    People are pretty casual around here,they come and go.
    Sometimes its quiet,sometimes its not.
    You might be eligible for site trophies! >>click here<< and >>here<< for more info.



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