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    Cooker Hood Not good!

    A cooker hood not extracting correctly is a very common compliant that people have with these appliances and there is a number of simple things that you can do yourself to prove or disprove that there is a fault with your extractor.

    The first thing to realise is that cheap cooker hoods are, well... useless really. Seriously they are just rubbish, we used to joke that the cheap Italian hoods buzzed a bit, lit up and did nothing else. Sadly it still holds true in many cases.

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    Welcome aboard! Not gonna lie my friend, this is one of the more random topics I've ever seen on a gaming site . Never expected to get into a conversation about range hoods on a PS4 site, lol. Though, being a homeowner, I love these conversations

    I've actually been debating sprucing up my kitchen at some point in my condo. It was built in the early 1990s and the kitchen hasn't been updated since it was built. So the range hood is original. It does a pretty decent job. I only set off the fire alarm maybe twice while using it to cook bacon. But at the same time, if I were to replace it, it would take money out of my bathroom renovation budget and seeing how money is an object, would likely get a cheaper one that would do a crappier job. Though, I do believe I need to replace the filter in it at some point. Mostly because it's brown Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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