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    Important kitchen tools

    The essential kitchen tools in life, you should actively own for yourself a separate set of tools.

    Are you the one who must have every tool created for use in the kitchen? I admit, I'm a bit of a geek gadget when it comes to cool kitchen tools. I do not have much storage space, so I have to do my best to resist the temptation and keep my purchase to absolute minimum.

    One of the things that is currently topping my wish list is a mandolin. There are only a few things you can not cut with a knife or a vegetable.

    What are the tools you need to cook?

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    I cook pretty simply. In fact, since I eat a lot of steaks and chicken, my grill is my favorite cooking tool. Otherwise, my deepfryer is a main tool I use in my kitchen because I love making my own popcorn chicken. Other than that, the usual stuff if I'm not grilling like my pots and pans. Where I didn't skimp though is my kitchen knives. I use them in almost every meal so I bought a good set for like 150 dollars made from German steel. I don't regret my decision at all. No cheapo Walmart knife sets for me Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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