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    Some changes to my game.

    Hey, its me. I have thought of a lot of things to change and here they are:

    The Game is now called Occult instead of Demigod. This is because the Player character is now the God of the Occult, created to take down an entity known as the Eldritch that formed out of Humanity's lustful studies into anomalies and supernatural events that have brought the world into chaos as the anomalies have corrupted life on Eilidh, turning them into beings known as Eldritch Abominations. To also note, the game will be fashioned into a realistic surreal watercolor style similar to this Dark Souls 3 Watercolor mod:

    The Third person shooter mechanics have changed also as there is an actual ammo count that you need to watch as you shoot out magic bullets from your gunstaff. Everytime you hold the L1 button, you shoot continuously, and as soon as you let go of the button, you are free to move around again but you are punished with a short cooldown that prevents you from dodging or running. The longer you hold down the shoot button, the longer the cooldown lasts, which keeps the Dark Souls mechanic of "Dont get greedy with your attacks or it will give enough time for the enemy to punish you." But since you can walk while the cooldown occurs, you have a slight chance of escaping enemy gunfire or physical attacks. You can reload your ammo fairly quickly upon the press of the R2 button, but you cannot attack or dodge. But on the positive side, there is no cooldown punishment to reloading, you can reload infinitely, and it only takes up a split second. The L2 button is to allow you to aim better by zooming the camera like what standard third person shooter games do.

    Onto dodging, its now called Phasing with the press of the R1 button. Phasing allows you to remove yourself out of the physical realm for a short amount of time, allowing you to go through enemy attacks as a ghost. However, this lasts shortly as your powers are limited and you will turn back to normal in a split second. This allows for some strategic consideration with this mechanic like: If the enemy shoots a beam at you, you have to phase to the left or right. But if you phase forward, you are hit as soon as you return to normal. If the enemy shoots a wave attack at you, you have to phase forward, otherwise you are hit by the wide attack range. Plus, there is absolutely no stamina in this game, so you can dodge as much as you want.

    For the spells, they are based around augmenting your shooting attacks like the spell called "Widen", which is used to make your magic bullets stretch into waves to hit more enemies. They are mostly there for support and they have long cooldown times as well as casting times that immobilize you for a second, so be cautious in when you use your spells. Best recommended casting them before encountering enemy hordes or bosses. Spells are augmented based on the weapon you are holding like the Magnum Gunstaff making the Widen spell make the bullets even wider or the Arophus making the widen spell vertical to also deal headshot damage to enemies.

    To the story and worldbuilding. Since I am following more on Dark Souls, I will focus on Lore even more and make the areas interconnected to one another so that there is no need for a teleport system like in Dark Souls 1. And similarly to Demon's Souls, there are no checkpoints or bonfires in areas, so when you die, you reset at the beginning of the area and start over all again. But, you can explore and search for shortcuts to given paths to make the travel to the boss less infuriating and much quicker. But even though I focus on lore more, that does not mean I will miss out of the plot as your character will have events where he will actually speak with NPCs and contribute to the recurring story. So, I will have to tell the story via Area summaries and lore instead since the game will not be linear in terms of story progression.

    The leveling system is now dependent on you gaining exp from enemies and when you have enough exp, you can level up. Each level offers you 8 ability points you can use to increase your stats as you desire. Your stats range from Health (HP bar), Valor (Determines attack power), Willpower (Determines defense), Agility (Determines your equipment hold toleration and speed), and Vitality (Determines the maximum cooldown toleration you can take before passing out). When you die, you lose 10% of your exp until it is 0%.

    Well, how does this sound? Do you like these changes or not? Please comment and like.
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    I have changed some things once more and added a few things in explanation:

    -Shooting is now handled with the L2 button instead.
    -Phasing is now handled with the R2 button instead.
    -If your reticle is close to an enemy, it will nudge it to your target and lock onto it. The lock on is no longer present once you move the camera or dodge.
    -The R1 button is to use an item that you have up in slot.
    -The L1 button is to now use a magic spell that you have up in slot.
    -You can switch between items you assigned onto the following buttons. The triangle button is to switch out weapons (Triangle represents a spear or sword, even though you cannot hold any melee weapons in the game), the square button is to switch out spells (Square represents a scroll or piece of paper that is used for magic), and the circle button is to switch out items (Circle represents an apple).
    -The changes to the combat system is the changes on the "ammo tied to dodging mechanic". Firstly, when you shoot, you are not prevented from dodging anymore. Instead, every bullet you shoot, slows your movement down and decreases your dodge distance and movement speed temporarily, making it harder to avoid enemy gunfire as their attacks slightly home in on you (Note that almost 90% of the enemies here only use projectile attacks). This time, each time you shoot, your cooldown in dodge distance and movement speed lasts longer:
    (Example: Rusted Treasure)
    1 shot= 1.3 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 3/4)
    2 shots = 1.6 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 3/4)
    3 shots = 1.9 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/2)
    4 shots = 2.2 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/2)
    5 shots = 2.5 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/2)
    6 shots = 2.8 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/2)
    7 shots = 3.1 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/4)
    8 shots = 3.4 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/4)
    9 shots = 3.7 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/4)
    10 (MAX) shots = 4.0 second (Dodge Distance and Speed = 1/4)
    -You no longer need to press a button to reload your ammo as it is also tied with the cooldown system as explained above. A small meter below the ammo bar will indicate how long it takes for your ammo, dodge distance, and movement speed to restore fully.

    Those are the new changes. What do you think of them?
    Last edited by Jack Lovejoy; February 14th, 2017 at 09:06 PM.



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