Chapter 1:

A hazel haired boy with a pony tail tied to the back of his head and wearing a black sleeveless shirt wakes up with the cold stone floor touching his face, with a golden staff with a sharp tip in his left hand. The boy tries to get up, but something heavy is on his back, which turns out to be a giant stone slab. He pushes the stone slab away and sees himself inside of a giant temple room decorated with pillars. Right in front of him was a tall pale skinned man with long black hair covering his left eye. He was wearing a red trenchcoat and he gave off a sinister smile as their eyes meet.

[Man]: Well, I did not expect you to wake up. You look so much like him, its a shame that Minerva could not finish you up.
[Boy]: Huh? Who are you and what are you talking about?
[Man]: (Laughs) You don't even know who created you, that's pretty sad to be honest.... If you want to know my name, it is Draken Soulara. Anyway, I am sorry, but I am afraid that I will have to end this conversation short and just cut to the real business.

The man pulls out a longsword and stabs the boy in the chest, landing a fatal wound upon him. The wound did not bleed however and nothing else happened. Draken seemed dissatisfied and pulls the longsword out of the boy's chest, leaving him lying on the floor with pain.

[Draken]: (Sighs) I guess I already used up this blade's magic from fighting through the guards here. (Looks down at the cringing boy) Very well then, just stay here then like good boy, I will let someone else do the dismantling for me. (Walks out of the temple room)

As he walks out of the temple A shadowy humanoid with a large sword in its hand appeared in front of Draken. Its body was completely pitch-black and it only has one visible glowing blue eye with a dark red mist surrounding its body. It seems to be wearing torn pants while wearing a headband.

[Draken]: (To the shadowy humanoid) I will send the Lich here to extract the boy of Minerva's essence. Make sure the boy stays here and have all the Nethermen here to keep him from escaping.
[Shadow Creature]: (Nods its head slowly while making a ghastly moan even though it does not have a mouth)
[Draken]: Good, do not disappoint me. (Leaves)

The shadowy figure approaches the boy, but the boy backs away. The figure then violently grabs the boy by the neck and slams him against the wall. The boy tries to break free by slamming the figure's head with the staff in his hand, causing it to back away, but charging at him at full speed after it backed away a considerable distance away from him. The boy holds the staff tightly in his hands and a green energy shot comes out of the tip of the staff. The shot hits the figure and causes it to slow down. The boy then starts to shoot repeatedly at the figure until it lies on the floor defeated, eventually vaporizing into pure red mist. Out of the red mist came two white balls of energy that get absorbed into the boy's body.

[Boy]: What was that all about? (Walks outside of the room and sees the twilight landscape.
[Boy]: I have no idea what this place is, but I have got to get out of here.

(Level 1: Twilight Temple)
You are escaping this giant temple up in the mountains by navigating your way through the temple filled with statues and murals of holy scriptures. There are several enemies known as Nether Swordsmen (The one shadowy figure you first met) and Nether Mages (Another group of shadow figures that use magical projectile attacks instead of physical attacks). You will eventually meet mini-bosses from different parts of the level such as Nether Sieges (A giant stone tower with two legs made of shadows that have Nether Mages inside of them that shoot fireballs at you from inside the siege tower while the actual tower itself tries to crush you).

When you reach the end of the level, where it is the entrance of the Temple, a large skeleton is seen there. It had red glowing eyes, several rings on its fingers, and a large black cloak that only made its skull visible.

[Skeleton]: So... You have managed to get past all the men here... However, I will not let you progress any further, I will dismantle you here right now....

(Boss Battle: Soulara Lich)
In this battle, the lich will launch green balls of light at you and you can hide behind the pillars to block them off. The lich can be damaged by being shot behind the pillars until it moves out of the way or approaches the pillar to grab you. It will also launch a devastating beam attack that takes a while to charge, leaving him vulnerable to physical attacks that can drain his health faster. However, his light balls will start to get larger and start to home in on you and his beam attack is charged faster, with him teleporting around the map, making it hard for you to attack him physically.

When you deplete all of his health, he will fall to his knees in defeat. However, his eyes flare up even brighter than ever in humiliation. He then surprises the boy with a small green energy ball explosion to knock him off his feet and initiating to kill him with his shortened charge beam attack.

[Skeleton]: I will not let you make a fool out of me! (Suddenly stops as a blade of light penetrates from his back. His eyes lose their light and collapses into nothing but a pile of bones under black robes.)

The one who penetrated the lich from behind was a beautiful blonde angel clad in light armor with a gentle, but emotionless face. Her long hair was flowing through the wind and she was equipped with a sword-shield (A weapon that is as long as a sword with the bladed edge, while still having enough width to be a shield). She approaches the boy and gives him a hand.

[Boy]: Huh?
[Angel]: (Holds out her hand) Need a hand?
[Boy]: Uh, yeah, sure. (Gets up) Thank you for saving me back there. What is your name?
[Angel]: I am Naomi, the Leader of Minerva's Army, and I have journeyed far to rescue you.
[Boy]: Rescue me?
[Naomi]: Its a long story, I will explain everything once we get back to Sacred Hearts Base. Follow me.
[Boy]: Hey! Hold on, can't you at least tell me who I am?
[Naomi]: (Sighs and turns to him) Your name is Felix.
[Felix]: Felix?
[Naomi]: It was the name your mother gave to you. But that's all I can say for now, let's go. (Continues to proceed to the mountain range)
[Felix]: Uh yeah, right behind you.