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    Demigod: Enemies

    Here are some ideas for enemies in my game. They all have different attacks and weaknesses to exploit. I will not put all of em down, but here are a few I have in mind.

    Background: These monsters are all known as Nethermen, demons made out of the Goddess Minerva's corrupted power when she made a slight mistake in creating the world of Eilidh, so she threw this corrupted power away into a prison known as the Nether Realm.

    Nether Swordsman:
    A basic enemy that uses only physical attacks and no shooting attacks. It will run up to you with a slice of its sword and it could take up a chunk of your health if you are not careful. Keep shooting him as he comes closer to you, or simply dodge his attacks for you to open up an opportunity to attack him as he passes by you. It cannot be stunned temporarily with a somersault attack and it cannot be grabbed as its too agressive and wild.

    Nether Charioteer:
    A physically attacking Netherman that can move faster around the fields and it can shoot arrows at you, while at the same time, it can swing a sword. Your first concern is not getting trampled over by the surging horses that are strapped to the chariot and shooting at the charioteer while dodging his own arrows.

    Nether Mage:
    A netherman that primarily relies on projectile shooting as it blasts fireballs at you. You can stun the mage by somersaulting and grab them. They, however, are resistant to shooting attacks, so physical attacks maybe of best use to you against them.

    Nether Spikemouse:
    A Netherman taking on the form of a small rat with a spiked shield on its back and a long bladed tail. It can curl into a ball that can charge into you at high speeds. It does not deal as much damage, but it could get annoying as it executes this very quickly. If you try to dodge, it will use its tail while rolling to extend its reach, making it hard to avoid. However, you can shoot the rolling ball (it does not damage the spikemouse however) in order to slow him down and get him out of his ball form. He cannot be attacked from behind and he is very slow when he is not in ball form. Instead, somersault into him and attack.

    Nether Scout:
    Usually hide in far away places and shoot arrows at you. You can avoid these arrows, but once you come close to him, he will automatically switch to melee mode and bring out a knife and come running to you at full speed. simply somersault into him and attack while he is stunned.

    Nether Seamstress:
    This netherman serves as support, she throws a need at you to draw you in closer to her. Since she is usually around two other Netherman, being close to her can be a huge advantage for them. The seamstress can also throw a blanket around you to limit your movement severely also.

    How do these monsters sound so far? Do they sound like good implementations of strategy in my 3rd person rpg shooter?
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    Sounds good so far and you definitely have put some serious thought into it. On paper the enemies sound good. Though obviously once you start putting them in the game and testing it, you'll end up finding you have to tweak them to balance out their HP and damage they take. I was just thinking, if you need people to test and critique as you start the actual building, I'm sure people here (myself included) would be interested. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net

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    Another thing: If you can aim good enough, you can shoot at the straps holding horses on the nether charioteer and the horses will disconnect from it, thus the charioteer will either fall off a ledge or crash into a wall to his death.

    The style and pace of this gameplay is inspired off of Dark Souls, where it is slow paced enough for you to think of your attacks. However, I am a bit skeptical about the dark souls flow, because it is more serious with its flow of gameplay and the lack of music only adds to the atmosphere of its type of strategy it wants to implement. I am not aiming towards a serious and dark tone like Dark Souls and I am planning on putting some music in the levels, which might seem jarring if this type of flow was inspired off of dark souls. Was there any game that is slow paced with action strategy that is not necesarilly dark like Dark Souls?



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