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Thread: Demigod: Game Elements

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    Demigod: Game Elements

    Well, if you have read my introduction post, you get the idea already. Now here are the mechanics I promised to give out:

    Health: Pretty standard, if you drop to 0, you die. You can recover HP by the items enemies drop and also by drinking potions saved up in your pocket.

    Stamina: This is an integral part of the strategy mentioned back in my intro. When you shoot, your stamina cost is low as well as your attack power, but when you do a melee attack, it costs more stamina and has more damage. Dodging and somersaults also cost stamina, but it takes a large chunk of it. This prevents spam and makes the player think about utilizing their stamina at times where they need to dodge and shoot.

    Soul: This meter is filled up by killing enemies. Once the soul gauge has been filled up, you can enter a state known as Berserker mode. This multiplies your attack power and speed and your stamina cost has been eliminated for a short amount of time. The longer you are in berserker mode, the more the soul gauge starts to empty.

    Spell Orbs: Every time you score 20 shots on an enemy or 5 melee hits, you gain a spell orb. You can stack up on spell orbs to cast magic spells that cost them. The magic spells are either buffs or one hit kill attacks. For example, Magiconnect is a magic spell that costs 2 spell orbs and it is a buff where you can use this magic attack 10 times (It can damage an enemy and those around it with connected lightning).

    Shooting: Press the Y button to shoot and its a very quick way to whittle down the enemy's health. You can use the second analog stick to aim the shots and move the camera. There are also different ways to shoot: Tap the Y button twice to release a stronger shot and shoot while running to spin around and shoot from all sides quickly. You can get new ways to shoot also like a power-up spell that allows you to shoot 3 shots at the same time fired off in different directions and a power-up spell that allows you to shoot homing shots at an enemy.

    Melee: Your spear staff is a magical and holy weapon that can strike out at enemies with less range but more power. You can collect more weapons throughout the game like how you can get new ways to shoot and they have different effects.

    Grab: Press the X button to do a grab attack. Once you grab an object or enemy, you stamina is cut by half, and it cannot regenerate. The enemies you grab can be used as meat shields for defense and you can swing them around with it, though this costs stamina. You can throw the enemy by pressing X again as a means of attacking another enemy.

    Running/Somersault/Dodging/Jump Flip: Press R to do a somersault. Somersaults deal very little damage, but what makes them effective is their utilization as a means of stunning enemies. Hold R to break into a run after doing a somersault. Somersaults are quick too, so use this to dodge enemies. A very useful attack is the Jump Flip: Press the R and A button (jump button) at the same time to do a spinning somersault jump and this allows you to instantly grab the enemies that you land on.

    Stats and levels: Once you kill enemies you gain exp for doing so. Exp can be used to level up and increase your attack power, defense, speed, stamina length, and learning new spells along the way.

    Hiding: When you are touching a wall, hold the analog stick in the direction of the wall to hide behind there. You can shoot enemies without being noticed

    So how do these mechanics sound? Are they solid enough?
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    I'm not sure if I really got the whole conceipt of your game, but it sounds cool. The mechanics seem solid, even if there's nothing really new, I mean, something never seen before. AC games serie introduced the "eagle view", a sort of alternative view that reveals hidden objects to interact with. This has been taken and used for many further games. Probably it's interesting to add such feature. My opinion though, is that a new game should have something new inside. But it's just my opinion, nothing too relevant since I am only a gamer with no skills about programming.
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    Thanks, and this game is going to have emphasis on giving players strategies on how to defeat the enemy and exploit their weaknesses. Some parts of that might have originated in Kid Icarus Uprising, but the entire emphasis is thinking and using the environment around you to your advantage.

    Also to note, I am planning to make this E +10. Its just that I find hyper realistic and dark games nowadays to be bland, generic, and not standing out as much. Thus, I am aiming for the similar art direction like Kingdom Hearts.



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