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    What are some good 3rd person shooter games for the PS3?

    I am reposting here in the ps3 section because it is where it is most appropriate to ask this question. What are the best Shooter Games that are in 3rd person? I need one to give influence to my game since its going to be an ARPG shooter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Lovejoy View Post
    So do you know any good ps3 third person shooter games? I need to find one to get influence for my game.
    -Red Dead Redemption
    -Tomb Raider DE
    -Call of Duty
    -Sniper Elite
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -Max Payne 3
    -GTA 5
    -Uncharted 3
    -Mass Effect 2
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    Oh wait, I just figured out my game shares a lot of similarities with phantasy star online...... Well, time to get the Gamecube running

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    There are many. Check Online. Watch demo and go with that.



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