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    NFS Rivals: Anyone feel like they got lazy?

    Before I get to why I want to smack the persons who rushed this to production, I want to say I really like the basics of the game; graphics, the way the cars handle, the general sutff you want in a NFS title. With that out of the way, here we go.........

    For starters, WTF is up with not being able to pause the game. This doesn't add to the experience, it just frustrates you, I can't sit down and play for half an hour before work or school, or in between any activity, having to make it to the shops to pause is one of the most frustrating things.

    Second, Mirrors? Mirrors? Anyone ever here of the concept of a mirror. The grey'd out mirror makes me think they forgot to finish programming them before the game was released.

    Third, the game freezes constantly, I just got to the 150k challenge, was able to get 230k and the game freezes locking me out.

    Forth, What happen to the customization's? What happened to having 100 different types of rims to choose from. You can't even fully customize the colors of the rims. The lights on the bottom of the car were awesome in previous games, but now gone, can't even customize the head lights.


    Sixth, there is a car I wrecked on sun valley road, and it refuses to go away.

    Seventh, ORGANIZATION!!!! When you buy a car, it should show up on a separate list from the ones you haven't bought. And the Porsche 911 refuses to keep the paint job and stripes I put on them. Also the caption of the car you bought should be a miniature picture of the color job you put on that car, it would make scrolling through YOUR cars much easier.

    Eighth, Near zero story, no connection to character. And by the way, if your gonna let people see the driver, you should be able to semi customize him(OR HER!!)

    NINTH!!! I keep sinking into the ground when driving across bridges(though only some of the time)

    FAIL all over the place. This should have been a five star game, but there is too many weird things that should have never slipped through production. I expect this from games like Skyrim< largest PS3 game to have ever been made(at the time). But this game is not that big, it's rather small actually, maybe smaller than previous games.

    Rant over. Discuss begin..........
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    Sorry, but you have already started this thread which I moved a week ago to the appropriate section.

    Please discuss in your existing thread: Need for Speed Rivals

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