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Thread: Next Gen game prices are way up?

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    Jun 2014
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    Aaaand this is why i went to pc gaming.

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    Senior Member Henry's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
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    I'm 100% with you. This type of thing is exactly why I became a PC gamer. That and the fact that you can't upgrade a console to play the latest games. And there's also tons of things a PC can do besides gaming that a console would only dream of.

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    Senior Member gamerteabwoi's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Normally when consoles are new the prices are really high but then they start to drop off according to how things go. Right now though you can see the prices dropping already. I think that they will go up a bit more around Christmas but for right now I can only see them dropping more and more.

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    At first I was quite shocked at the price being sometimes up to 20 more (that was on the extreme side, normally it would be 50-55) than a PS3 game which usually would be around 40 in most retailers, Asda, Tesco and Amazon.

    I've now seen most upcoming games be around the 45 mark which is quite fair.

    Let's see, some upcoming games:

    AC Unity PS4 - 44.99 on Amazon
    Far Cry 4 PS4 - 44 on Amazon
    Shadow of Mordor 42 on Amazon
    Advanced Warfare - 42 on Amazon

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    Senior Member Haymansafc's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
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    They do seem to start chipping away at the full retail/launch price after a month or so (and then continue chipping away from there the older it gets), whereas you can wait several months for so much as a 1 drop at GAME. For instance, I saw GTA5 on the PS3 going for 15 in Tesco on Saturday. The only downside is that their selections and stocking levels are often smaller. For instance, I had to try three different places before I found one particular game. That was more of an exception rather than the 'norm' though…

    45 is the maximum I've ever paid for a game and that's been in purchases I've made more or less on launch day. These will be the few titles/series which I really like and played from the first game and will stomach the extra. Other than that, I don't think I've paid much beyond the 35 mark for just about anything for around three years, now.

    As for spending upwards of 45 for PS4 games – not a hope in heck. I'll happily wait for the prices to get down to that mark and perhaps on the "no so sure" games - watch them on YouTube instead (save buying it altogether). I wince at even paying that for something that I know more often than not that I'll be largely done with after a couple of months.


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