League of Mature Gamers (LMG) is a mature gaming community for adults 18 and older. We are not just another gaming clan, we are a large group of friends who play a variety of different games on and off the Xbox. We are a fun friendly bunch and are welcoming new members into our community. All that we ask of you is that you be active within the community and be social (We are a chatty bunch.)
Games we play are Destiny (our biggest game with daily raids, nightfall, PvP, trials and more), Battlefield, RB6, Titanfall, and many more. We also have a large following in the tabletop gaming (Dungeons & Dragons) which we play over Skype. We do twitch streams, tournaments, raffles, game nights, and more.
The Discord chat app is our primary form of communication but we also have a smartphone friendly website and game calendar we use to plan game nights and events.
To join visit our website register and begin your trial membership. You can find the link for our discord channel on our homepage. If you need help or have any questions feel free to PM any moderator or admin.