Hello everyone, I'm Riva, one of the original creators of Revenant Gaming. We are a gaming community that has been around the scene for about 6 years now. We started as a SWTOR community and quickly grew into a multi-gaming resource. Although quite popular in it's early years, Revenant remains with a few core members who play games like Overwatch and Ark together. That being said, we were a great community of casual and competitive gamers and I would love to recreate that same community once again. So I'm searching for other like minded people to help run the community, the more staff a community has the greater it can grow. Looking for people with some past experience running communities or guilds and that are 18+. If your interested contact me with any of the following methods below.

www (dot) revenantgaming (dot) com
discord: Riva#0219
battlenet: Riva#11618
steam: steamcommunity(dot)com/id/rivacom