Welcome to LSCSD ( Los Santos County Sherrifs Department )

We are currently Recruiting for 25 New Spaces withing LSCSD

Roles Available

x20 - Marked Patrols
x2 - Supervisors
x3 - RTC Investigators

All Applicants will have to pass a Basic Entry Test, if successful then you will be progressed onto the next Stage of Recruitment.

All Successful applicants will be taught everything you need to know about keeping to streets safe, this includes the following.

. Respect
. Professionalism
. Emergency Driving
. Firearms Training
. Emergency Codes
. Techniques

If interested in joining LSCSD Please Contact - PSN: LSPD-UNIT-1527

You will be entered onto a Recruitment Rotor, Full Recruitment Process takes about 15 - 30 Days
Headsets are Required.

Thank You
Chief Of Police