Yes, there are prizes

In writing you doing leaving through your PSN here and your team (max 4 stars)

There are already ten participants (mainly Belgians, so the Dutch honor is at stake)

Anyway, this toe now the participants. The winner gets a prize. A football shirt or a PSN card

So register as soon as possible and is champion of the lowlands!

Currently there is one division, but as soon as we docked recover player, will also recover a second and a third class.

The winner will offi cially champion of lowlands crowns;

[B] [SIZE = 4] And there is a lovely prize to adopt! [/ SIZE] [/ B]

Subscribe by sending an email to bartblommaert [at]

Mention your PSN name and your team + your reserve team. Many Belgian and Netherlandish team are already occupied. No worries. There are much 4 star teams, think of South America, Russia and sub-elite from Spain, England, Germany, etc.