We are Itchy Trigga Finger and we are currently looking for new and active members. We are a mature, active and experienced PS4 clan with some members on Xbox too. We started with and mainly played Destiny but we play across a multitude of games including GTA5, Battlefield 1, ARK: Survival Evolved, Killing Floor 2 and The Division, to name a few but this is always expanding with new as well as up and coming games. We currently use twitter and instgram and are also in the middle of launching a webpage. We are mainly UK based with some members from inside the EU but all are welcome. We are an adult clan but any and all skill levels are welcome as we have both serious and casual players. If our group interests you then feel free to ask any questions directly to me or look us up on the Destiny companion app. Just remember one thing and you'll get on fine, shoot shit don't die.