Hello everyone,

My name is Daniel, I am one of the founders of DeathwisH. This post is to give everyone some information about us. First and foremost, we are a gaming community. We are turning this community into a cross platform gaming community! We used to be a Search and Destroy team only, however I have decided to turn this into a well rounded gaming organization. I made the "Pub Stomping Clan" back on xbox around 2008 and then I left the scene for a while. But now I am back and want to turn this community into something new and different. We are not just limited to the casual player.
We are currently looking for Staff, Streamers, GB players, and content creators. If you are someone who is looking for a home then we are exactly what you are the home for you.

We are looking for the Average Community member who is wanting to improve their skill, and gain a greater network service. We have a road ahead of us, however once we gain more members and head in the right direction we will be fielding teams in the competitive scene such as LANs.

If you are looking for a home, then we are looking for you!

If you are interested, Please contact us on twitter: DLTCopenhagen ClanDeathwisH

Thank you for reading,

Daniel "Cope" Tutera
Twitter- DLTCopenhagen