I am active player & playing this game from beta days. My daily play timings are EST 9am~2pm,UK 3Pm~8Pm . Currently gaining experience for WOM Raid, done all previous raids and have been flawless in Trials, plus worked as Admin of USA/UK based clan , so know how to manage clan.
My clan has no requirements, you just need to join group/clan and install BAND app, its free app available for iphone, Android & for Microsoft windows.

If you are fed up from those clans that claim that they have plenty of active ppl ready to help new members; but the bottom line is that they don't want to help new ppl EVEN when you know what you are doing. Ppl only want to "help" the same goddam ppl that they raid. Constantly raids are being planned. Ppl literally ignore you and will have conversations around your posts. etc

In that case join my clan , you will notice the difference & I will not change to any other game but in future I will play Destiny 2 with my clan mates.