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    717th Gaming Community: Looking for Casual Members.

    Come join 717th gaming community, with clans in Star Wars Battlefront, CoD Black Ops , soon The Division. We play many games together and are looking to expand in to gamebattles. History: 717th Gaming Community was establish, November 2015, for the mature casual players of Star Wars Battlefront. I have a history of playing multiplayer shooters online, starting with SOCOM US Navy Seal. From there I was part in many clans like Triple X, Killer Angels, Black Label Society, Mortal Killers among others. I am a father, grandfather and husband before I am a player now a days. My friend's list has dwindled but my desire to be able to hop into a game with some buddies still remains. I play later in the evenings (Eastern time zone). If you are interested, Join Up! Lets game! Send a friends request to GM1_Draven on psn. Please put what clan you are looking at. Shadow Corps ( Star Wars), Bootleggers (CoD), Killer Angels (Division).
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    Please accept my friend request



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