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    Looking for a Group

    Hi all,

    New to PS4 and looking for a group / community to join so I donít have to play alone!
    Iím 20, from the UK, so ideally looking for a UK/EU community to join, Iíve only just got a PS4 so havenít got many games yet but will be purchasing more soon.

    GT: ash7on_1512

    Feel free to message me if you need any more information.


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    Hi all! I'm recruiting for Axios Prime Clan - casual, adult gaming community on PS4. We're looking to increase our roster in various games including Star Wars: BF2, GTA, Paladins, Neverwinter, Warframe, Battlefield & more. To join, meetup and play w/ us. No other requirements to stay a clan member. All skill lvls welcome.
    Msg me anytime - PSN: grrlscout420420

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