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Thread: To The Moon

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    Senior Member Ridge's Avatar
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    May 2014
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    To The Moon

    Has anyone else here played To The Moon?

    I finished it well over a year ago, and completely forgot about it for a little while. Then today I had my video game music collection playing on random and Everything's Alright from the To The Moon soundtrack came on. It instantly took me back to it, I might have almost cried..

    For those who don't know To The Moon is a sort of indie adventure RPG where you play as a couple scientists who essentially go into the minds of people on their deathbeds and create artificial memories to help them die happy, thinking they had lived their dreams.

    It's a neat sounding idea, but the game takes you on an emotional adventure that I'm willing to say might be the most emotional in gaming. It also doesn't require a whole lot spec wise from a PC, so if you're reading this on a computer you can probably run To The Moon.

    If you haven't played To The Moon go do it. If you have played it, let's talk about it.
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    Senior Member Henry's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
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    I just checked it out on Youtube and it immediately reminded me of the old SNES Zelda games. It's definitely worth checking out. And, yes, that's actually a pretty good idea. It surely beats euthanasia, which I've always thought wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. You really have to put yourself in a really ill person's shoes to really judge if it's a moral thing to do or not.

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    Senior Member deathbyprayer's Avatar
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    Yes! I did play that game. My girlfriend forced me to play it. At first I don't want to and I told her it doesn't look like a game I wanted to play if it counts as a game even (very harsh words) but I gave it a try and it was really good, not the game play aspect it's pretty typical 8-bit RPG like mechanics, kinda like Pokemon where you walk and talk.

    But the story and the soundtrack was superb. I think it would be better though if it was made into a movie or an anime' or something
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    Senior Member jbeavis100's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
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    It looks pretty neat and I've heard alot of good things.. I'll probably pick it up the next time I have a chance..



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