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Thread: Unturned

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    So Unturned is a F2P game recently released on Steam, been out for almost a week now I believe.
    It is essentially a DayZ/Rust style game with the graphics of something like Black Shades which is not completely terrible.
    It seems to get an update each day at the moment, small things but still, which is certianly nice. It let's you build a base, find numerous different weapons and gain skills from experince while killing zombies which can benefit you.
    Also for a F2P game it does not have very many limits on what you can do, people who pay the $5 get a special server type and some cosmetic stuff mostly which is nice.

    Doesn't look like much but I have had a surprisingly fun time with it and do actually quite enjoy how it's going.

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    Dec 2013
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    Have been playing it with some friends lately and it's insanely fun. I'm honestly surprised.. The map's are really small though, and the graphical options are all pretty laggy..



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