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Thread: Battlefield 4

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    Battlefield 4

    Good day.

    Battlefield 4 has been one of my most anticipated games. As a PC gamer, I am excited for this game since I believe that the Battlefield series belong to the PC. Heck, I think first-person shooters belong to the PC.

    Unfortunately, I can't play the game yet. It is still at 33%, with quite a slow progress. With that, I would like to ask. How's the game? Is it better than BF3? BFBC2? What should I expect.



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    Senior Member Gamer_Fries's Avatar
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    Well I've not played the game myself and don't honestly know when I might decide to do so but it certainly appears to be an improvement upon BF3 even in the story department since BF3's was just trash. While I certainly can not agree with you that shooter games belong on PC or that even BF belongs soley on PC because if you're refering to graphics than it's really not even that much of a difference considering how good graphics are overall and sometimes I prefer to have a controller in my hand rather than a mouse.

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    Is YOUR progress (goal) at 33% or the game download at 33%?
    If its the download progress congrats man!

    Im still quite a ways away from my goal, but im getting there.

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    I did not play the Battlefield 4 yet. I just found some information about it that Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions. It was released on October 29, 2013. I want to play this game; is there any gamer who had played this game? Guide me about it. Is this interesting and what are its playing strategies? Suggest me should I play this game?
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    I actually just completed the story to Battlefield 3 about a week ago I have to say it is really good. Not to mention online is an incredible experience.

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    Senior Member Henry's Avatar
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    I played Battlefield 3 and i've got to say that i never bonded with it. I mean, the graphics are great and all, but there was something about the game that just turned me off. I can't exactly put my finger on what it was. Right now i'm playing COD Ghosts. So far it's been cool. The only thing i haven't liked so far is playing as the dog.

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    Senior Member jbeavis100's Avatar
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    What a game.. It's practically a crappy beta, hahaaa.

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    Go with it. It is interesting.



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