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    'Perfectionist' Nintendo guided Bayonetta 2, says game director

    News: 'Perfectionist' Nintendo guided Bayonetta 2, says game director -

    Platinum games is the developer of the Nintendo exclusive Bayonetta 2 and the director of the game recently had some things to say about the process of making the game and Nintendo's influence on it. apparently, Nintendo are sort of perfectionist and made sure the development team did their absolute best to make sure the game turns out "perfect".

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    ...This is a bad thing how? I like perfect games. I like them a lot. Somebody sounds lazy - they need to work harder especially if later on they're going to complain about not getting more money from every game. Also it should be obvious that Nintendo is going to be extra super serious about a game that is going to be one of their very, very few 3rd party exclusives.



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