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    PlayStation Plus Members Get Free Battlefield 4 on PS3 for a Week

    Thats right,if you have a PS+ sub you can play BF4 on PS4 for a whole week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamespot
    PlayStation 3 owners with a PlayStation Plus membership will be able to get more than a sampling of Battlefield 4 starting later today, when a free trial version of the game is being launched.
    It's not explained exactly when the timer begins, but you'll have a week during which to play as much Battlefield 4 as you want.

    Once today's weekly PlayStation Store update goes live, you'll find a full game trial of Battlefield 4 available for download.

    Keep in mind after downloading you will also have to download any game updates as well.
    You might be eligible for site trophies! >>click here<< and >>here<< for more info.

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    I had BF4 for the PS4 and sold it after 3 days as I found it to be a waste more or less because it was kind of boring.



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