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    Zero Escape Series

    Has any of you played this game? I know it's somewhat of a niche series, but I absolutely love it. I played 999 a while back on the DS and then last year I got Virtue's Last Reward with PS+. It quickly became one of my favorite story based games. I was sad when they announced that the third and final part in the series was not approved though, I still hope they can release it eventually.

    Anyway, I recommend anyone who likes a good story to play this game. For the people that have played the series, what do you think about it?

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    I love the games. Hell, I even feel nostalgic about them for some reason, especially 999, but I played them last year. Excellent games. Sure the story can be silly but it's still great and some moments had me in tears.

    I think I liked 999 most overall because it showed a darker and gorier story while VLR had a much darker setting but had a much tamer Nonary Game.

    It's really sad the final game hasn't been greenlit due to the previous games not being profitable in Japan...

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    They are all pretty great. I really loved 999.. definitely on my top 10 ds games..



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