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    Tribute Games is bringing Mercenary Kings to the Vita

    When Mercenary Kings was released for the PC and PS4, many fans yelled "why not Vita too!" Well Destructoid has just learned at PAX East that Tribute Games is working on it, and it will be out as soon as it's done -- it have the cross features Sony fans will expect, including Cross-Buy. They're also working on Vita ports for Ninja Senki DX and Curses n' Chaos.

    Curses is also aiming for a Steam release this fall, and Ninja is an expanded version of the original free game for PC. Expect a full preview of Curses later this weekend -- it's an old school wave based beat 'em up that looks like it could be a winner.

    I'm having mixed feelings here. On one hand, I really wanted this game on Vita... on the other hand, I now regret having spent $15 on the PC version. Though, this Vita version might take a long time, just like Rogue Legacy...

    There's no confirmation yet, but it's also possible that whoever has Playstation Plus might get the Vita game for free if they redeemed the PS4 version, since the game is cross buy. So, here's a tip for other people that have a Vita but no PS4: use Sony's webstore to redeem PS4 games.

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    great to hear! Can't wait until they all come out.

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    I wish they would come out with this on the Vita. I play it remote play all the time and I forget I am even playing a PS4 game. Sometimes when you play a game remote play on the Vita something just doesn't seem right, but this plays perfect on the Vita. Everybody bashes this game but I have had fun with it. To me it is like Contra meets Borderlands rpg aspect.



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