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    vr view at 30 degree angle

    Hi to all,

    I just set up my PS4 VR headset bundle. Everything was fine until I did the headset set up (lights, didstance between eyes, etc) now when i look through the headset the VR Worlds demo disk is all sloping to the right. I've tried redoing the settings, but it remains at a 30 degree left sloping angle.

    In fact all VR games are at a 30 degree angle.

    Please, please how do i reset this?

    As a note, when I log in through face recognition, the square on the screen that I need to put my face in is at the same 30 degree angle.

    Any help would be most appreciated as this is ruining my whole experience.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you checked the camera/sensor? Was it maybe moved?

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    I'm sorry you have experienced this trouble. Try the advice above, maybe it will help.



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