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    Best Assassin's Creed Yet!

    I loved this AC personally. The difference between playing Jacob and Evie let you play with a style you preferred. I played as Jacob most of them time as I preferred to get up close and personal instead of sneaking around. But hey to each their own gameplay. I haven't gotten to the extended missions and leftovers after beating the storyline. But it's on my game list of things to complete 100%

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    I really enjoyed Syndicate, loved moving about old London, especially the Thames river. The grappling hook was great and now I can't imagine playing without it.

    I did not notice much of a difference between the two characters when it came to fighting or stealth, they felt the same to me. Combat did not feel any easier or harder depending not he character I was, same goes for sneaking around. I liked the dynamic of the characters.

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    I liked Syndicate too, played it much and also got the Platinum but I don't consider it like the best AC. Character swapping was the feature I liked much more. Since I love to play with female characters, I used only Evie for my missions (except when Jacob was obligatory, of course). The hook is only confortable, I admit, but it's a Batman stuff and I think it distorts the conceipt of Assassin, a person able to climb buildings in no time, like no other can do. One weapon that disapeared since AC3, are the rope darts, which I found really amusing to use.
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