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    Toy Soldiers: War Chest revealed!

    Ubisoft have announced Toy Soldiers: War Chest, the next instalment in the Toy Soldiers series. It will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime next year.

    “Gamers of all ages can play as and face-off against toys familiar to them from their childhood to recreate the battles of their imaginations,” said D.R. Albright III, the Founder of Signal Studios. “Fans will have a great time learning how each army plays, and the individual strengths of their troops and weapons.”
    Check out the trailer below:

    Aside from coming to more platforms, War Chest won't stick to a single war theme. The gritty Kaiser is still around with his WWI artillery and European dioramas, but the second announced hero, Starbright, is the polar opposite. She's a glittery, "whimsical but dangerous heroine" who commands flying pixies and teddy bears who shoot rainbows out of their chests.

    There are two other yet-to-be-announced heroes, and War Chest will also include "more turrets and turret upgrades, more barrages, new game modes and expanded multiplayer and cooperative play," according to Ubisoft.
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    It is hard to believe the developers are still into this series. At first I thought, "A new Toy Soldiers movie!?" But then I quickly remembered--ah ha!--that I was on a gaming forum. At any rate, it actually looks pretty fun but I highly doubt I will ever play it.




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