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Thread: Early Thoughts

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    Early Thoughts

    I haven't committed to buying the full game yet. I played the beta and wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be (I didn't even bother with the third day).

    So people who bought the full game, is it worth getting?

    I wasn't sure it had the longevity of previous titles in the series, and the time penalties needed to be fixed. Getting them for being hit from behind was too much for me.

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    Had a few games of the beta too and while it looks very good its not for me either. Thats not a reflection on the game's quality just a fact that Im not really into racing games anymore.
    Loved the GT games on PS1 and GT3 on PS2 but by the time GT4 came out I lost interest.
    Sorry cant help otherwise,just my thoughts is all.
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