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    No Man's Sky: Howlheart's guide to mastering Permadeath Mode.

    Greetings and salutations fellow travelers! This is my guide for how to master Permadeath Mode.

    I highly suggest playing Normal mode for a while before you try this, as Permadeath mode is much more difficult, especially in the beginning. If you desire a true Survival challenge that will make the game feel more immersive, this is the game mode for you!
    DAMAGE WARNING: Dramatically increased Falling Damage, be extremely wary of this!
    FUEL WARNING: Launch Thruster requires a full tank (200 Pu) to launch.

    Getting Started:

    In Permadeath Mode, you will start off the game in the same way as Normal mode, but with one key difference, your starter ship is a really long walk away from your start location. This is the most difficult part, trying to survive long enough to launch off of your starting world, but once you do, your survivability will increase dramatically. We start with the most basic of all things in NMS, which is acquiring enough Thamium9 so you don't die instantly. Luckily, you're started off at a Shelter, which is where you're going to want to come back to every time you are getting low on Hazard Protection. Start off by collecting enough Iron and Carbon to repair your Multi Tool, and then start scanning around for T9 and Plutonium, as well as keeping your eye out for any of those blue standing stones of Heridium. If you don't find enough T9 in time, you will die, and be forced to start over from a new game. The easiest (and maybe the only sure fire way) to survive long enough to launch off your first planet, is to repair your ship remotely and then Summon it. Trust me, it's a long walk to get to that ship! So once you've gotten enough Iron, Plutonium, and Heridium, go into your inventory, scroll over to your ship, repair the systems, fuel the launch thruster, and then exit the inventory and Summon your ship. Now that you know you can get off world, and have the safe zone of your ship, it's smart to grab at least a couple hundred of any salable ores you might find on your starting world, you're going to need some units to stock up on isotopes. Once you get off the ground, your first order of business should be to hit up the Space Station, buy some Plutonium to get around (remember it's 200 per launch unless you're using a landing pad), and a bit of Zinc/Titanium to keep your Hazard Protection charged. Next step is to talk to some ET's! Chat them up and get directions to a Trading Post. The most useful thing I found out for basic game play is stocking up on T9 from Travelers at Trading Posts, it will save your life! Once you have all the basics to keep you alive, next step is finding and building your base. The first step is to find the planet in your Home System that is the least dangerous in terms of Sentinel aggression and Environmental Hazards. Build yourself a Signal Booster and scan for a Habitable Base, then fly over to it and get started! Building a base ASAP is highly recommended because it will catapult you into getting the blueprints you need to create a lucrative (and survivable) career for your character.


    System: PS4
    Base: Symbio-Genesis (17 Bio-Domes)
    Creator: Howlheart
    Game Mode: Permadeath (200+ hrs)
    Starship: Tiger's Claw (S-Class)
    Planet Mannaz, Zomeus System, Kosikawi Fringe, Euclid Galaxy.
    Name:  NMS_Howlheart.jpg
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