Hi everyone,

I have the PS4 version of Lego Batman 3 and as I am watching people's walkthroughs on YouTube, their saved game loads differently than mine does at the start screen of the game. When you enter the game and click "load game" it shows you your saved games. When you click the one you want, it quickly loads it from 0% to 100%. Mine does something different. Mine loads from 0% to 20% to 40% to 60% to 80% to 100% instead.

Here is a link to how this guy's save loads (go to the 3:34 mark in the video & delete spaces):

you tube. com / watch?v=eC6rkCd7-Q0

As you can see his goes from 0% to 100% whereas mine does it in 20% intervals.

Things to note:
-At the time of his recording, he didn't have the DLC packs that I do.
-Both our saves are exactly 10.49 MB of data.
-Both on PS4.

Does anyone know why?