One aspect brings many pleasant surprises in Joint Operations is the way the game integrated harmoniously into war vehicles in other operational activities. Because the game is very large map and battles tend to focus on very specific places, vehicles are key to help you quickly deploy forces to where they are needed, especially in the game screen on the island . Because "passenger" generally strengthening your firepower for tanks by shooting through a window, a reasonable strategy here is to wait for soldiers massing and climb your car, instead of running alone.

Chariot in Joint Operations reasonable balance: High-speed vehicles are often weak firepower, bullet resistant and less, and vice versa, thick armor and firepower, it is quite slow. You select a vehicle suitable for field conditions and their favorite tactics is easy because the game offers a wide variety of tanks and you can change pretty fast car.

The tanks but bring new features but also has more difficult to accept. The ability to simulate reality almost zero. For example, you can hit the car straight into a tree or a car flying off the hill but unharmed. The helicopter also was odd, uncouth and clumsy. The best way to land his helicopter was not landing but crashed nose down. You will witness this scene many times in the game, because you are forced to land because there is no other type of parachute troops.

Advance and Secure Mode is the core part of the game, to act as a group always focus on the defense and attack points.Subscribe to the hot spots on the battlefield is very easy thanks to the mini-map. You can always check the military quickly see what you're doing and where only a few taps.

Because of the design, the different maps to create different situations. For example, in the Straight of Malacca game screen, you will be mopping up enemy infantry on the island to protect the security of the region. Gameplay here is completely different from Black Rock Beach screen, where fierce battles took place around the control bunkers and stretches along the coastal strip, one side is the sea and one side of the forest.

The other game screen as Kutu Arms Market, Two Dragons Gorge and Bumbu Channel feature distinctive look to make up the difference and diversity is very large. The maps are accompanied by rich visual effects, with lighting styles and transitional day - night is almost no overlap.

The variety of maps, plus the ability to freely move over long distances, creating numerous exciting experience for players Joint Operations: Fighting on the hilltop outpost, Attack in the city, play heart by snipers on open fields, raids through the misty swamps, amphibious seaplane, of the operational side, beaten face slapping, hitting rib wrap, set the post, Volunteers under a rain of mortar shells, pilot careless rear drop you off enemies ... All the situations that are very much alive thanks to a harmonious combination of gameplay with the vast map.

System spawn important role in fighting tactics. When you select a spawn point, you will have to wait about 10 seconds for each person lined up in front of you. Therefore, production prior to the front is a pragmatic choice and the main features of the game encourages players to carry out frontline tanks. And therefore, when you destroy a large defensive side, they can only slowly strengthening reinforcements can not suddenly land on such a wave. This feature has a huge impact on the outcome of the battle: Many small tips can turn things around.

Multiplayer mode of Joint Operations nearing perfection. You almost never killed a romantic nhach delayed only because the picture. If this happens, perhaps at the machine you are playing on average, but the configuration settings in high resolution.Please reduce some rates and everything will fall into place.

Joint Operations with beautiful graphics, with more detailed environments, vivid as films and interactive capabilities. However, the developers have overused visual effects when changing the dark night into a dark blue version, while this feature does not affect much to the gameplay. Sound in the game is done very well, with the explosion effects dynamic, appropriate background music and subtle sound.

- Publisher : NOVALOGIC
- Company development : NOVALOGIC
- Genre : FPS Minimum System Requirements: - CPU speed is 1.4 GB minimum. - 512 MB ??RAM. - 64 MB VRAM, GEF 4 Ti or higher.